Premium mixes

A wide range of flavors and aromas

Our nut mixes and nut and dried fruit mixes are a wealth of aromas and flavors that will delight you with every bite. With our wide assortment of mixes, you and your customers will discover a variety of tempting combinations inspired by nature. Whether you choose our raw or roasted mixes, exotic blends or classic combinations, our products give you the opportunity to enjoy unique flavors and aromas that create temptation and pleasure.

Guaranteed quality

Assured quality of nut mixes is fundamental to our mission. Each mix is ​​carefully selected and prepared with strict adherence to high standards of quality and freshness. With our products, your customers will enjoy taste satisfaction and confidence in the quality of every bite. We are committed to quality and ensure that every mix is ​​fresh and delivers taste and exceptional quality.


Opportunities for diversity

The possibilities for variety with our nut mixes are endless. We provide a large assortment of different combinations and blends that can satisfy every taste and preference.

  1. What products do you offer?

    We offer baked and raw mixes. Roasted nut mixes are two-nut (almond and cashew), three-nut (almond, cashew and hazelnut), four-nut (almond, cashew, hazelnut and pistachio). We also offer peanut mixes and spice mixes. Our raw mixes are from nuts or from nuts and dried fruits, the most popular among our customers being Energy mix and Tonus mix. We also have a specially developed mix of only exotic fruits.

  2. What packs are they available in?

    Of all mixes whether roasted or raw, with nuts only or a combination of nuts and dried fruit, we have small cuts of 180 g or 200 g. We also have larger cuts of 500 g and 1 kg.

  3. Do they contain salt?

    Raw mixes have no added salt, baked mixes have added salt. We also have mixes with different spices. For more information, check out our product catalog.

  4. Prices and conditions for ordering.

    Contact us at and we will send you a price quote. Come to our warehouse in Sofia, Amsterdam Street 16, Zelenchukova Borsa Druzhba, where you can view all our products and get information about our prices for traders.