Dried fruits

A wide range of flavors and aromas

In our selection of dried fruits, you will find the unique taste and quality of products such as dried apricots, plums, figs, cranberries, goji berries, various types of dates, imported from Iran, Israel, Tunisia and many others. In addition, we also have a rich variety of raisins – golden raisin, natural raisin, golden jumbo raisin, natural jumbo raisin. Our dried fruits offer a variety that allows you as a retailer to meet the demands of diverse customers and provide them with taste experiences that will impress them.

Guaranteed quality and freshness

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products. All our dried fruits are stored and prepared with extreme care, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the original fruits. This concern for quality is the key to long-term and successful relationships with your customers.


Opportunities for diversity

With our dried fruits, you expand your assortment and provide your customers with unique options for culinary creativity and healthy eating.

  1. What products do you offer?

    The most popular products among our customers are: raisins, dates, royal dates, dried royal dates with walnuts, cranberry, goji berries, plums, apricots and figs.

  2. What packs are they available in?

    We have small cuts of 100 g and 150 g of cranberry, goji berry, raisins, dates, plums, dates with walnuts. We have 500 g and/or 1 kg cuts of all products, as well as larger 3 kg boxes. and sacks.

  3. Do they contain sugar?

    Our dried fruit contains no added sugar.

  4. Prices and conditions for ordering.

    Contact us at sales@thebestbg.com and we will send you a price quote. Come to our warehouse in Sofia, Amsterdam Street 16, Zelenchukova Borsa Druzhba, where you can view all our products and get information about our prices for traders.