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Every product in our assortment is carefully selected and passed through our quality standards.

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We try to keep developing and for this reason our range of products is growing every day.

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Our business prides itself on its strong price competitiveness, where the price-quality ratio is at the highest level.

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Any order placed before 12:00 noon can be dispatched the same day. We work hard to ensure fast and efficient processing of all orders.

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We are located in a convenient area in the city of Sofia, Druzhba vegetable market. Our warehouse works without a day off and opens early in the morning, ensuring fast processing of your orders.

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We work with the highest quality products

Ensuring the guaranteed origin of our nuts, dried fruits, and seeds is of paramount importance to us. We carefully select and collaborate with reliable suppliers and farms from around the world. This stringent partner selection allows us to provide products with a high standard of quality and origin, ensuring that every product we offer is tracked and certified.

We work with certified farms and producers who adhere to high standards in the selection, processing, and packaging of our nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. This approach ensures that our customers receive products of the highest quality with certainty about their origin.

With our products sourced from around the world, we aim to offer variety and taste diversity while maintaining transparency regarding the origin and quality of every product we offer.

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