Chips and crackers

A wide range of flavors

With our wide range of chips and crackers, you’ll always find the perfect taste and texture to suit your customers’ tastes and preferences. From salty to spicy, from crunchy chips to crackers and amazingly flavored rice grains, we offer a variety that makes your choice easier and your business more attractive to all lovers of crunchy delights.

Guaranteed quality

Our commitment to impeccable taste and the highest quality standards for our crisps, crackers and rice grains exudes care and attention to every product. We select only selected raw materials and carefully monitor every stage of the production process to provide you with products that will satisfy and impress the tastes of your customers, ensuring that the quality is always at the highest level.


Unique Flavors

With us, you will find exquisite combinations and specially selected products that will bring pleasure to your product range and offer your customers something unique and delicious.

  1. What products do you offer?

    We offer corn chips in various forms - funnels, sticks and others. Rice kernels, crackers with different flavors and colors. In addition, in our assortment we also have different mixes with corn chips - party mixes with beer peanuts, fried corn and others.

  2. What packs are they available in?

    Corn chips are available in 150 g and 300 g. Rice kernels are available in 70 g, 300 g and 11 kg. Our specially developed party mixes are available in 180 g and 400 g sizes.

  3. Are the products fresh?

    Our products are distinguished by the fact that they are always fresh and crispy and have a long shelf life. We constantly strive to offer fresh and tasty products that will satisfy the taste buds and convince of the reliability of the products.

  4. Prices and conditions for ordering.

    Contact us at and we will send you a price quote. Come to our warehouse in Sofia, Amsterdam Street 16, Zelenchukova Borsa Druzhba, where you can view all our products and get information about our prices for traders.